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    Awesome job! KCK came within the suggested time frame. Went right to work on diagnosing the no-heat problem. Fixed it in 10 minutes. Looked at our stove and told us what to buy to fix the problem ourselves. Nice guy, too!
    Keith E.
    Had my heat go out on Thanksgiving Day. Called these guys and Chuck came right over, figured out the problem, and put a workaround in place so that I could get heat back while he got a part on order (everything else was closed, so this was the best option at the time). Cory came out once the part arrived and quickly did the install. Both gentlemen were very friendly, professional, and knowledgable. I'll definitely give these guys a call if I need HVAC work done again in the future!
    Joe Eggen
    Cory was the person that came to my home and did an excellent job with our AC. His work ethic is outstanding. Maria the young lady who sets up the work order is also very nice to deal with. Great price for the work he had to do. Would not hesitate to suggest them to anyone!
    Lilly M.
    KCK was able to provide same day service as of course the air con blew on the hottest day of the year. Cory was professional, explained everything going on and was able to get the unit working again in about an hour. Thank you KCK!
    JJ S.
    Wow!! These guys were awesome. Showed up super quick and were very thorough. We are going to use these guys going forward and highly recommend them.
    Chaney A.
    Had an issue with my Nest thermostat where it wasn't detecting power from the HVAC system. Nest's support couldn't help me figure it out and with the weather supposed to turn cold starting tonight not having any heat wasn't an option. The folks my home warranty company sent me to and several other places weren't available for a few days. My wife got Chuck's name and number from a coworker, said he was good. Called him up and he came over pretty much right away, end of the day on a federal holiday. He figured out the simple issue and fixed it right away. Charged me more than fairly. He was friendly and professional. I now know who to call first in the future.
    Brett H.
    I came home at 5:30 to a 90 degree house with a 10 month old baby and a non functional AC. Called KCK and Chuck showed up in 15 min. By 6:30 the air was back on and blowing cool. You just don't get service like that!!
    Michael C.
    Our old HVAC was knocked out by a massive storm on a Friday, and it was late winter, so not that warm out yet. Because of the storm, our usual HVAC company was closed. I called KCK because of their good reviews, and despite being swamped because of all the storm-related calls they had, they sent a technician out that evening to asses our damage. It was bad, and couldn't be repaired on the spot. But the next morning, on a Saturday, Chuck came by to go over our options, and he brought three space heaters with him to tide us over. They arraigned to replace our whole HVAC system, which was already pretty old, on that Monday. It took them over twelve hours of work, but that evening, we had heat again! It seemed they did whatever they could, including driving 120 miles to get a compressor, to make sure we had our heat back as soon as possible. A very caring company, and I'm so glad I called them, and they answered.
    Greg C.

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